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Before you begin everyone should read How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age.  This book has given millions of people foundational concepts to good networking. 

Our favorite way to accelerate your career and find a new job is by using the power of your network.  It is free and brings people together in a mutually beneficial way.

Also, we when say networking we don’t me going to these contrived networking events where everyone is acting the part like they are in a modern version of a Shakespearean drama.


Sure they can work, especially if you are outgoing or attractive, but for us normal humans these events take a lot of time and don’t really provide the outcomes we seek. Think about how to maximize your time and effort, as your individual network is likely the force-multiplier that will generate the most traction.


Here are some things to remember when networking.

Be prepared 

As we have shared previously, you need to have all your preparation completed (See Preparing For Your Search). Know your goals and be able to explain what you want very quickly.

Be confident

Almost everyone else wants a better job so don’t worry about being confident in sharing your goals.

Be consistent

Networking at every possible opportunity will pay huge dividends over the course of years. If you are consistently making new connections and keeping up with the old connections you will be amazed about how many people help you as your career progresses.

Be sincere in your networking

Don’t just network to network.  Rather, strive to make connections with people who can teach and help you, but also realize you need to be willing to help others and pay it forward.


Don’t call upon your network only when you need something from them and do not disappear once you have gotten what you want.  People will see right through selfishness. 


Connect with your key network contacts regularly and take a sincere interest in their life as well.

Be creative to find new connections

We will run into all kinds of people throughout our day.  One thing we recommend is to use your hobbies or volunteering activities as a chance to network.  If you have a hobby or interest outside of the workplace then use those connections to expand your network.

💡 Pro Tip: When your network becomes large it can be difficult to remember everything about everyone.  We suggest using excel, or some other tool, that allows you to keep notes about your conversations with your network. 

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