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Be Loyal to Your Company

We have already said in our 7 Pillars for Accelerating Your Career that companies and managers are loyal to you up to a point. However, you can still benefit by being perceived as loyal to the company.


To see how much your company loves you and if you are a top performer tell your boss you have another offer coming in for 20% more and see how fast they find more money for you.

Why didn’t they just pay you that money in the last annual pay review?

The answer is simple. The company is all about helping the company maximize profits.

Why Be Loyal

First, let’s start with the assumption that companies mainly seek to maximize profits; especially publicly listed companies.

Side Note: Sure, some companies are promoting their desire to promote ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards, but without profits and growth no one is promoting ESG.

Second, if you know your company is there to maximize profits, then logic suggests in order to maximize your personal outcomes you should seek to help the company to maximize profits.

Third, the most significant way you can help the company is by being part of teams that work on significant strategic projects or product offerings that help generate revenue, reduce expenses, or mitigate key risks.

How To Be Loyal

If you were a senior leader in the company with a big strategic project who would you choose to be on the team?

Would you choose the person who is always complaining about the company and threatening to leave or would you choose the person who you believe will be loyal?

The answer is obvious, but how do you create the perception you are loyal?

First, create trust.

· Volunteer to be part of new projects or tasks when the opportunity comes up

· When there is change support the strategic vision

· Do not criticize the company or its leaders when you are frustrated

· Help train new team members as they come onboard

Second, show company support outwardly.

· Promote items from the company on your LinkedIn

· Wear and use the company logos like cufflinks or lapel pins

· Tell others in your network about the good things the company is doing

· Be part of community volunteer efforts hosted by the company

· Attend after hours company events

Third, deliver good results.

When you are doing your normal work do you best to perform at the highest level so that you are asked to work on those other more strategic projects. Top performers are usually those people leaders select to work on additional projects.

Benefits of Loyalty

If you want to accelerate your career being part of the big important projects in the company is a tired and true method for getting promoted and getting paid.

Be open to the idea that being reliable and dependable will help you in your career.

True, companies may not always be loyal to you, but they look for loyal people when important work needs to be done.

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