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LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help you find open jobs. However, we are all busy and going to LinkedIn every day to look for open roles can be time consuming.


Below we give you tips to set up automated searches that will send you open jobs that match your interests. 

Start by visiting  the LinkedIn Jobs Search page (

Step 1: Enter search information at the top of the screen by title, skill, company or any other criteria you find interesting or relevant.

Step 2: Enter the location as a country, city, or even remote.


Step 3: Click the search button and see all the jobs matching your search.


Step 4: Customize your search. The basic information you enter will most likely give you too many results to sort through efficiently. You need to use the filters about experience level, company, job type, industry, job function, title, etc. to really get results that are applicable to your search.


💡 Pro Tip: Note on the “Salary” filter: 

  • We do not recommend using the salary filter. Most job postings do not come with salary information. You can infer the compensation range based on title and/or experience level.

  • Even if the salary is too low, remember money isn’t everything. The company may have profit sharing plans or long-term equity compensation as part of the benefit package.

  • Talking to the recruiter, even if the salary is too low, may give you a sense for what other higher paying jobs are available at the company or in the industry.


Step 5: Get job alerts from LinkedIn


Once you have gotten your search criteria locked in you can click on the job alerts slider to get regular job alerts emailed to you daily or weekly.

You can also have multiple job searches going at once for different criteria.


Step 6: Volume is the goal


There are tons of good websites out there that can help you navigate the LinkedIn search process and assist with making your LinkedIn profile appealing to recruiters.


Just remember the key to success here is volume. Apply, apply, apply, and when you think you have applied to a lot of roles you should apply to more jobs.


More information on the LinkedIn search process can be found here: Link 


💡 Pro Tip: Sometimes companies will not post open roles on LinkedIn.  If there is a particular company you want to work for make sure they are posting new roles on the job boards.  If not, then set up a weekly routine to check their company career site for new roles.

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