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Preparing For the Interview 

Remember recruiters, hiring managers, and other interviewers are just people, but they are also comparing you to other candidates and judging you. They are, however, people and you can influence their perception by being prepared.

💡 Pro Tip: ​Try to clear your mind before every interaction in the interview process. Do not come out of a meeting to go right into the interview. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to reset and get ready. Try using Headspace as a way to meditate before your call. 

Follow these steps as you prepare for the interview process. 

Step 1: Know as much about the company and job as possible


Answer these questions to begin your preparation:

  • Why am I interested in this job?

  • How does the company make money?

  • Is the company facing any reputational or legal problems?

  • Is the company in a good financial position?

  • If public, where the did the stock close yesterday or what is their market cap?

  • How does my experience relate to the job description?

  • What are three to five examples from my experience that I can share during the interview that demonstrate I am a good fit for this job?

  • How can I distinguish myself from other applicants?


Step 2: Talk to someone who already works at the company

Find someone in your network or friend of a friend who already works at the company. If nothing else reach out to someone on LinkedIn who went to the same college or has a similar background and see if they will chat with you about the company.


A lot of people are uncomfortable asking strangers for help. Stop worrying about it. All they can do is say no and most successful people recognize the power of networking and will see this as an opportunity to expand their own personal network as well.

Just remember that when someone asks you for help one day you should do your best to help them as well.

Step 3:  Why do you want this job?

You need to have a good story as to why you want this job. While we usually just want more money or more seniority those are not compelling stories nor is this the perception you want to create.

You could be looking for a company that will allow you to grow, or you see this new company as the future of your industry, or you have heard so many good things about this company and needed to see for yourself. 

Step 4: Be Positive


Do not, and we cannot stress this enough, say that you are trying to leave a bad situation.


You absolutely must stay positive.  No one wants to work with negative people; make yourself the most positive human being on the planet during the interview.  Be genuine, real, and positive.


Step 5: Practice the Interview


Practice does make perfect.


If possible, find a friend to run you through a hypothetical interview and record yourself.

If you can’t find someone to interview you, then record yourself on video responding to questions you are likely to get during the interview.

This will help you get more comfortable in the interview, but also help you see what others see as they determine your fit for the job.

💡 Pro Tip: We suggest using the Lume Cube Lighting Kit to improve the lighting at your desk if you will have a video conference interview. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you practice the interview:

  • Look at your body positioning and eye contact.  Are you engaging in the conversation or staring down at the desk?

  • Are you sitting up straight or slouching in your chair?

  • Are your arms crossed or do you have an open and welcoming body position?

  • Are you moving a lot because you are nervous or are you presenting with confidence?

  • Listen to your cadence when you speak.  Are you speaking too quickly or slowly?


As you answer these questions remember you want to show that you are confident and poised; ready for the challenges of the job.

💡 Pro Tip: : Print your resume and the job description so you can easily reference it; especially during a virtual interview. Also, keep a copy of both items opened on your computer.

Now you are ready to Master the Interview 

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